Storeroom Management

Replenishment controls and material distribution through our on-site storeroom management processes are provided at each customer’s location for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) supplies. Our dedicated onsite associates provide:

  • Professional customer service interface
  • Process purchase orders
  • Track and maintain inventory
  • Receive, label and stock product
  • Perform routine cycle counts
  • Monthly performance and savings reports
  • Export shipments
  • Special projects

By tracking individual SKUs with our enterprising software application, we can manage inventory at multiple locations within your business and provide cost savings company-wide. If customers prefer, we can utilize their software as the system of record for inventory and transactions, while transferring files to our system for sourcing and purchase order creation. All data is synchronized for automated ordering and reporting, including inventory, receipts, transactions, order status, billing and approval processes.

wolseley storeroom management


  • Inventory accuracy, management and reduction
  • Barcode scanning and wireless technology
  • Timely return and repair processing
  • Material slotting, PM kitting and staging
  • Workload and activity tracking
  • 5S organization – sort, straighten, shine, standardize, sustain
  • Fully developed KPI and metric monitoring and reporting
  • Excess material disposal
  • Point-of-use stores (min./max.) and kanban (demand/pull)
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Self-service programs
  • Streamlining of delivery process
  • Electronic transaction management
  • Transportation and warehousing

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