With an extensive MRO network and a national distribution center infrastructure, we provide professional procurement services for order processing and inventory management. Our procurement processes focus on strategic, tactical and category management associated with maintenance, repair, operations (MRO) supplies.

Strategic and Tactical Purchasing
Many associates in our Procurement Group have earned a credential from the American Purchasing Society or the Institute for Supply Management, and their expert knowledge means they are a vital part of our customers’ success.

  • Focused on cost saving initiatives
  • Purchasing directly from manufacturers
  • Providing highest-quality products at lowest possible prices
  • Procurement-to-payment process entails:
    • Ordering, negotiating, shipping, expediting
    • Receiving, replenishing, returning, invoicing

Category Management
Not being limited to items in a catalog, certain commodities or brands, we can “buy for” versus “sell to” our customers.

  • Collecting data on every transaction
  • Controlling commodity spending and product selection
  • Qualifying suppliers and developing commodity-driven programs
  • Driving year-over-year cost savings
  • Standardizing and consolidating inventory

On-site Management
Armed with data, our management teams — either onsite in customers’ facilities or offsite— execute multiple strategies on your behalf.

  • Lowering your total cost of ownership
  • Analyzing inventory optimization
  • Implementing process improvements
  • Generating cost-savings opportunities
  • Decreasing investment and improving returns


  • Year-over-year price deflation
  • Historical spend visibility across multiple sites
  • Current budget control with daily transaction reports
  • Reduced operational and administrative costs
  • Efficient, responsive, cost-effective supply chain
  • Continuous improvement of processes

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