Inventory Optimization

Whether utilizing vendor managed inventory systems such as kanban, barcoding or automated dispensing, we have the capability to maintain stock for a quick turnaround, avoiding shortages and costly shutdowns. Our replenishment teams effectively plan and manage reorder points, track activity of products as they move in and out of warehouse areas, and reduce inventory obsolescence, resulting in wise monetary investment. 

Our inventory optimization process is focused on increasing stock availability while decreasing investment and improving returns on invested capital. The process involves:

  • Evaluating your current inventory position, developing a plan, implementing the change process
  • Collecting your databases, reviewing manual logs and inventorying stock for data acquisition
  • Correcting inaccurate data; editing product descriptions, part numbers, units of measure for data cleansing
  • Deciding proper storage mechanisms for deployment
  • Developing demand, lead times, investment planning, and disposition of residual material
  • Recording results, verifying performance, implementing changes for continuous improvement

By optimizing inventory, not only is availability increased but your investment reduces and emergency procurements diminish. The process involves:

  • Effectively and efficiently managing distinct types of deployment
  • Utilizing point-of-use bins, central stockrooms, or regional distribution center storage
  • Implementing the inventory plan within the customer’s system or in conjunction with our replenishment and inventory management systems
  • Driving ongoing continuous improvement and management processes for long-term performance

wolseley inventory optimizationOur solutions deliver:

  • Highest level of material availability
  • Reduction of your investment in inventory
  • Focus on operational effectiveness and productivity

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