Data Analytics & Content Management

Information management is a critical element of a successful integrated supply program. We have a standard set of reports and key performance indicators (KPIs) that add value to most programs. We focus on what matters most:

  • Item availability – detailed reports and summary-level views of performance
  • Inventory investment – summaries of costs, turns and active categories
  • Consumption and usage – reductions driven by usage patterns
  • Productivity savings – project reports, action registers, lean non-value eliminations
  • Cost savings – benchmarking year-over-year purchase price variances
  • Sourcing strategy – spend categorized by commodity, vendor and items

In addition to our extensive offering of standard reports, our in-house programmers can develop reports to meet specific user requirements. These reports are accessible through the web and can be delivered real time in a variety of formats, such as a print-ready PDF or an export to Microsoft Excel for further manipulation.


  • Assures uptime and enhanced productivity
  • Knowing a schematic around your organization’s purchases
  • Visibility into actual cost of inventory
  • Maximum availability with minimum investment
  • Activity-based categories for review and adjustment
  • Implementation of restrictions and budget controls
  • Application of lean business principles
  • Year-over-year savings
  • Determining site-specific strategies for bottom-line impact

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