Asset Management

The objective of a supply chain services program is to develop a cost-effective, comprehensive MRO materials management system that leads to optimal use of material, manpower and equipment, while reducing or eliminating unnecessary inventory levels. An integral part of that optimal process is managing tooling, assets, and spare parts.

Serialization & Lot Controls – Items can be serialized which means the actual individual unit of an item is recorded with each transaction. This is particularly useful in high dollar items and items with warranty requirements. Additionally, Lot Control manages items with shelf life or other time or tracking limitations.

Warranty Management – Warranty management can be used in conjunction with Serialization and Repair management to track actual product warranty and trigger claim processing. Active tracking of manufacturer warranties is typically not being done by industrial organizations and is an area of opportunity.

Commercialization – The process of identifying the genuine Original Part Manufacturer (OPM) rather than the OEM, allowing us to de-layer the supply chain and drive cost savings.

Gage Control – Gage control is used for any “check-in/check-out” items, including hand tools and power tools. A variety of calibration schedules are managed.

Cutting Tools and Abrasives – Focusing on the right tool for the project, initiating modern technologies, improving applications and managing repairs and regrinds, our specialists offer technical expertise and cost savings project management.

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