Quality Systems

Wolseley Industrial’s proprietary MRO supply chain management software has proven to provide significant cost- savings opportunities when implemented within our customer’s’ facilities, as a supplement to their own operations.

We feel passionately that quality data leads to quality operations; and, as such, our system was built with data collection and analysis in mind. Data acquisition drives our continuous improvement, generates standard key performance indicators (KPI’s), and enables both standard and customer- specific reporting capabilities. Key system capabilities include:

  • Data acquisition at the transaction level
  • Budget controls and tracking
  • Customizable approval paths

Quality System Functional Attributes:

  • Inventory management – maintains all the transactional data, min./max. logic and inventory ownership
  • Desktop requisitioning – spot-buy procurement with customizable approval path
  • Business intelligence – standard and customized reports
  • Point-of-use support – dispensing and Kanban tied directly to our system, providing full integration
  • Kitting capability – kit components tied directly to inventory and replenishment
  • Maintenance planning – customized scheduling for resources, materials coordination, asset management
  • Consumption analysis – understanding usage patterns, replenishment, and reduction solutions
  • Benchmark savings – tracking year-over-year purchase price variances
  • Performance indicators – supplier management, productivity improvements, freight analysis, labor savings