Improving Operations

Working with customers, we use lean principles to map out processes to focus on improving productivity. By maximizing resources, costs are reduced and efficiencies obtained in clean, coordinated storerooms or point-of-use product distribution solutions with cataloged inventory and standardized purchasing processes.

Value-stream mapping is a big part of lean management methods. In this approach, a facilitator leads a team of associates and customers, often from different departments and areas of the business, to map out processes. The team identifies inefficiencies within the process, recommends solutions, develops a future state, and prepares an action plan. 

improving operations

Another method to evaluate a workplace’s efficiency is to implement “5S” principles. This concept is about applying relevant organizing concepts of sorting, straightening, shining, standardizing and sustaining. It is a methodical approach applied to storeroom and inventory management. 5S is not only about housekeeping, but maintaining the established standards and long-lasting discipline.