Supply Chain Management Services

The Wolseley Industrial Group is a leading provider of maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products and supply chain services. We deliver value by providing innovative procurement, inventory management and distribution solutions that result in lower total operating costs for our customers. Our goal is to simplify the procurement and distribution of MRO supplies for industrial companies.

Our business solutions include:

Partnering Advantage
As an integrated services provider, our relationship with the customer is a true partnership. We are committed to reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO) with tailored access to the best cost reduction and support services through our quality people, quality processes, and quality systems.

wolseley quality focus

What are the benefits of partnering with Wolseley Industrial Group?

  1. Cost-saving material management programs: Serving hundreds of point-of-use storage locations, we manage your inventory and storerooms through techniques such as kanban, barcoding, automated supply dispensing machines, or synchronizing software for receiving, stocking, issuing product, and cycle counting.
  2. Total cost-of-ownership savings: Besides inventory optimization, unit price reductions and process efficiency, Wolseley Industrial delivers year-over-year savings through continuous improvements and targeted collaboration projects. Our experienced operations and sourcing teams initiate opportunities to drive savings through conversions and re-engineering with a commitment to your organization’s goals.
  3. Documented performance measurements: Targets are set between the customer and Wolseley Industrial for cost savings, inventory management and other goals. Then tracking and reporting are designed in a standardized format as agreed for monthly, quarterly and yearly summaries.
  4. Customer-driven service: Getting products to the customer when, how and where they want them is fundamental. So, we espouse an “easy-to-do-business-with” philosophy by streamlining the procurement process from the initial request for an item through delivery and paying a supplier. Technologies are employed for the customer’s benefit, such as transactions by web, EDI, fax, email, phone, automated dispensing machines, etc.
  5. Quality products: Our suppliers are trusted partners that have formed alliances with us and you, the customer. Buying the right products at the right specifications for our customers is a result of working collaboratively. We are not limited to items in a catalog, certain commodities or brands because we “buy for” versus “sell to” our customers. Our global size and scale means we can search the world for the best products and buy quantities that ensure the best possible prices.
  6. Quality people: You won’t just hear about our values; you will see them in the people you work with every day. We believe in the power of trust earned through performance and providing the highest level of service. Many of our associates have earned a credential from the American Purchasing Society or the Institute for Supply Management and their expert knowledge means they are a vital part of our customers’ success.
  7. Quality processes: Our approach to quality is focused on measurable objectives, defined processes, continuous improvement, and corrective action documentation. We have a Wolseley Quality Council and our distribution centers are ISO 9001 certified and operate with strict adherence to pre-defined processes.