Dual Containment

HDPE Double containment piping systems are one of the most economical and reliable methods for protecting against leaks of corrosive or hazardous fluids from primary piping.

We offer two dual containment systems. Type I and Type II containment systems provide the added protection of a containment pipe. Type II offers additional pipe integrity utilizing custom end seals.

Type I containment systemsType II containment systems

Simultaneous heat fusion during joining to insure weld integrity
Maintains consistent centralization of the carrier pipe within the containment pipe
All pipe sections and fittings have full production traceability
Handles all temperatures and pressures consistent with HDPE
Monolithic system once installed
Compatible with tracing wire
Extrusion welded end plates connects both carrier and containment pipes
Custom milled end seals fusion welded to carrier and containment pipe

Leak Detection
Dual containment systems I and II are compatible with leak detection systems. Custom monitoring stations can be designed as required throughout the piping system.

Our systems have proven to provide years of leak-free and worry-free service for our customers in environmentally sensitive areas inside and out of a plant.


We offer custom fabrication using our skilled fabricators and state of the art equipment to deliver the highest quality HDPE products.

Fusion Services

With experienced fusion technicians, strategically located equipment and 24/7 service, we offer solutions to our customers to meet project requirements and deadlines.

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