Training & Qualification

wolseley hdpe training and qualification

Our certified training instructors will help your crew become qualified to fuse the HDPE pipe you need to get the job done. Our HDPE pipe fusion training meets the standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Your crew will be trained to the highest standards of HDPE pipe fusion in the industry, from small hand-held fusion equipment or electrofusion to both track and rolling butt fusion equipment.

Our training classes cover:

  • Introduction to HDPE pipe and fittings
  • Fusion techniques – butt fusion, electrofusion, saddle fusion, socket fusion, extrusion and more
  • Equipment training for usage for the job
  • Fittings and components – how to select and work with HDPE fittings in a piping system
  • Adaptation of different pipe materials to HDPE
  • New HDPE technology updates
  • Continuing education programs for equipment, fittings, systems and techniques
  • Reference ASTM F2620-13

Download the HDPE Fusion Training BrochureDownload the HDPE Fusion Training Brochure.

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