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We have the experience and technical expertise to service small and large projects and meet your requirements. Throughout our national footprint, we offer extensive HDPE products to our customers using our skilled fabricators and state of the art equipment to deliver the highest quality HDPE products.

Quality Assurance

We believe that confidence in a product is of the utmost importance. Top quality materials are just the first step, Our fabricators take pride in their craftsmanship and imprint their initials in every weld they make. This level of ownership along with our robust quality assurance program to include data logging for every weld, and maintain complete traceability in all our fabricated fittings.

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Our core strengths:

  • Ability to fabricate custom HDPE piping fittings and systems
  • Designated fabrication facilities
  • Certified factory-trained Fusion technicians
  • National footprint to service all project requirements
  • Design assistance
  • Authorized equipment rental and repair facilities

Fabrication Facilities

As a national leader in wholesale distribution, we offer a total solution for all high-density polyethylene (HDPE) projects. With a large fleet of fusion equipment, we offer the latest in both rental and purchase options across our strategically positioned nationwide locations.

Our fabrication facilities work with HDPE pipe to build pipe assemblies, fittings, spacers, tanks, manholes, spillways and other specialty items. Contact one of our three fabrication facilities strategically located to service your HDPE requirement.

Wolseley HDPE service map

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