Life Sciences, Medical & Pharmaceutical

Our experience working with medical device manufacturers, small and large molecule pharmaceutical manufacturers, and both the generic and brand name markets has provided:

  • Beneficial quality control programs
  • Wide access to high purity valves and elastomers
  • Enhanced work order management system
  • Support for spare part requirements
  • Preventative maintenance planning

Manufacturers within the life science industry have embraced the concept of integrated supply chain services because they realize the benefits of having a focused and strategic approach to spare part and MRO management. As a leader and pioneer in MRO products and services, we offer customers an unparalleled approach that combines industry experience, formalized quality programs, dedicated associates and the leverage of our national distribution network. Our integrated supply solutions focus on three key aspects:

  • Assurance of supply
  • Continuity of service
  • Traceability of product


We believe in the power of our message, trust earned through performance, which is demonstrated every day through the quality of our people, products and processes.