Quality You Expect

Wolseley Industrial Group’s quality process is the greatest value we provide our customers as a trusted supplier. Our Quality Assurance program is essential to the safe operation of the industries we serve, the products we supply are a critical path to safe operations at their plants.

We are 100% dedicated to continuously improving what we do every step of the way to ensure both imported and domestic products we supply meet your specifications. Our innovative and hands-on quality processes help:

  • Mitigate your risk
  • increase reliability
  • Cost savings
  • Enhance performance



Our Approved Manufacturer List (AML) is the cornerstone of our product offering. Manufacturing today is a global business resulting in products being sourced from around the globe. Our quality process inspects all products in a scientific and repeatable fashion, so we only provide quality products from the highest quality manufacturers. It is our firm company policy to adhere to our AML with no exceptions.


We welcome our customers to visit our Quality Assurance Lab and distribution locations to learn about our quality program and processes. Our QMSolution™ verifies conformance to specific requirements and that our customers’ expectations are met. We document, track and trend incidents, and correct actions involving customers and suppliers.


We have developed the most comprehensive inspection and analysis process in the industry, using rigorous, prescribed and technical methods to ensure products meet specifications.giving our customers a complete analysis on any products we sell.

ISO 9001: 2015

Through our Quality Management program, we ensure the reliability and superiority of our products and services for our customers. Through our ongoing process to ensure all Wolseley Industrial Group locations achieve certification.


With ISO 17025:2005 certification, we are the only North American PVF distributor to have voting memberships on the subcommittees that develop standards used to produce the majority of the piping products we sell.

Quality People


  • Associates are experienced with an average tenure of 18 years.
  • We believe in the notion of experienced people who acquire depth of knowledge for their industrial segment business.
  • A dedicated Material Quality Assurance Manager who is currently a member of three A SME B16 subcommittees, who worked on the MSS Quality Initiative, and with members of the subcommittee for the SP-114 specification. ISO 17025:2005 registered.


  • Wolseley Industrial Group associates have direct access for support, guidance, expertise and infrastructure to meet the requirments of our customers.


  • Our nationally recognized recruiting program allows us to target the best and brightest individuals from colleges and universities who know what it is like to work hard. They are achievers and know that effort and performance are tied together.


  • A formalized training program ensures associates are prepared to address any challenges. We combine rich and relevant training programs with experienced mentors to build our associates’ knowledge.

Quality Products

Quality Assurance Lab

  • Our Quality Assurance Lab and process assesses manufacturers’ fitness to supply materials to Wolseley Industrial Group based on conformance. This program is proprietary, and to our knowledge no other supplier in the world performs this function.


  • Product inspection and testing – we know the industry standards and require our manufacturers to meet or exceed applicable specifications.

Vendor compliance

  • Statistical testing to validate ongoing vendor conformity, including manufacturer audits, to ensure compliance.

Vendor selection

  • By maintaining an Approved Manufacturer List (AML), we manage and maintain product integrity. We hold our vendors and the products we distribute to the same high level of quality we hold ourselves. Our customers depend on our strict quality standards to inspect and provide products that meet or exceed their expectations. At the end of the day, our goal is to deliver the peace of mind that allows our customers to say “if it’s good enough for Wolseley Industrial Group, it’s good enough for my company.”

Global sourcing

  • We base our quality on product specifications, not country of origin. We bring the highest quality product from sources generating the best value to Wolseley Industrial Group and our customers.

Product integrity

  • Product integrity is the top priority of our Quality Management System (QMS) and is managed through our AML process. Qualified auditors conduct on-site, level one full process audits of global manufacturers. Additionally, the Wolseley Industrial Group Metrology and Material Services Division conducts tens of thousands of product inspections each year of incoming material to ensure it meets specifications.

Customer audits

  • Customer audits of Wolseley Industrial Group’s Quality Assurance Lab and distribution locations are welcomed as they allow us to differentiate ourselves and reinforce our commitment to our customers. Our comprehensive QMSolution™ program verifies our customers’ expectations are met. We document, track and trend incidents and corrective actions involving customers and suppliers.

Quality Processes

ISO 9001: 2015

  • This includes preventative action processes, corrective action processes, regular internal and external audits, and mandatory individual branch registration.

ISO 17025:2005

  • The ISO 17025:2005 certification holds our Quality Assurance Lab to the highest standard in the business.

Traceability and documentation

  • Automation assemblies are tested to customer specifications. Furthermore, each assembly is given both a customer tag number and a Wolseley Industrial Group serial number. All tags are stamped and can be brushed in the event of harsh environments. This provides ease of assisting in technical support, troubleshooting, repair and replacement.